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Here Are The Top 5 Viber Stickers Used in India

Valentine’s Day has always been considered as festival of romance across the globe. However, different nations across the world choose to express love in a number of ways. Viber, an app widely used for high-quality callings and free messaging analyzed its stickers sales data across a period of one year to come up with the […]
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Arguments in favor of Apple: Unarguably the best

A lot of criticism was given to Apple for the launch of the iPhone 6, 6+, iOS 8 and bendgate. Despite all this Apple managed to double its market value to USD 700 Billion. The reasons have been detailed below explaining how Apple has managed to keep its edge above android and how it is […]

Use of Mobile App Development for Business

Facts show that around 98% of teenagers in this world use a Smartphone may it be of windows or android. With 70% of overall population having a mobile in hand, it becomes a need to develop an app for your running business to enhance market value. Entrepreneurs often have conflicting thoughts whether to have an […]

LINE Crosses 30 Million Users Milestone In India

With 560 million users across the world, LINE on Friday announced the crossing of 30 million users mark in India. The messenger was entered the Indian market in May 2013. From a TVC featuring Katrina Kaif to online branding, LINE already had 10 million users on-board by October 2013, which saw a 50 percent increase […]

How To Download Android Apps On Jolla?

The best part about the Sailfish OS is its capability of running most of the apps made for android, with little to zero requirements for a conversion. Android support is installed by default on Jolla, if at first boot, the user chooses to sign in to their Jolla account and then installs the ‘essential apps […]
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Why You Should Not Buy An iPhone 6 or 6 ...

When it comes to iPhones, opinions are tossed around in polar directions. In our previous articles we’ve covered up,all that we love about the new iPhones. In this section, we’re gonna try gather all the criticism we possibly can against these new models, voicing not only our perspective, but the perspectives of existing iPhone and […]